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SKEYNDOR, more than 45 years as a professional cosmetic reference since 1966, an emotive journeyfrom spain to the rest of the world

Skeyndor Global Lift Facial - Mesotherapy Face Treatment - Non Invasive

This global anti-age lift achieves a face life effect, redefining the jaw line and reducing double chins.

Skeyndor MesoFiller

A non-invasive alternative to injectables. Delivering Hyaluronic Acid at cell level to smooth and firm lines and wrinkles, whilst providing an instant lift.

Stem Cell Eternal Facia - Mesotherapy Face Treatment - Non Invasive

Skeyndor Eternal treatment formulated in such a way that damaged skin cells are removed and replaced by, fresh, clean, healthy plant stem cells.

Skeyndor Corrective

Corrective is the ultimate non invasive treatment, utilising medical grade branched chain Hyalauronic acid, encapsulated in Nano technology for the deepest penetration to fill expression lines.

Skeyndor Power C Facial

Professional treatment designed to illuminate the skin leaving it visibly younger. Intensive
light effect treatment & relentless anti-oxidant activity.

Treatment indicated for all skin types, except sensitive skins.

Power Hyaluronic Acid Eye Facial

Professional Skeyndor treatment to rejuvenate eye contour and strengthen your eyelashes. All skin types.

Power Retinol

POWER RETINOL is the outcome of exhaustive research into retinoids and substances with retinoidal or retinoid-like effects for use in the professional cosmetic field and in
aesthetic medicine. It's mission is to rejuvenate skin that is aged due to natural causes or exposure to the sun

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