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So here we are, February 2021 and 6 weeks into lockdown No 3. For all of us in the beauty industry this has meant we have only been able to work for four months since lockdown No 1 back in March 2020. For me that has been a roller coaster ride of so many emotions, from anger to crying to boredom, to enjoying the peace to then having no enthusiasm, not even to get up shower and dress. For all of you that know me from the salon, I am sure it won’t take much imagination to sum up how I am feeling about this whole situation and the consequences it has had on so many lives and so many livelihoods. But we will leave my ranting until we are behind the closed doors of your treatment room!

So this month has arrived and I needed to give myself a kick up the backside and start thinking different about ways of keeping connected with our clients and the salon.

First thing I wanted to do was get our products up online. Ok, that meant building an online shop. Off I trot down the corridor to Graham’s office and announce what I need him to do. This was on Monday and he looked at he’s diary and tells me he can fit me in on Friday (He does make me laugh). The word patience doesn’t actually exist in my vocabulary, so to wait for 5 days was an impossibility.…. I can hear you, “poor Graham he must be a saint”. Today is Tuesday and we are just putting the finishing touches to the store and Graham had a lesson in multi tasking, a win win situation.

Walking into a shop to buy a product can be quite overwhelming with the amount of choice on offer and the same goes for looking online. How many of you buy a cream just because the bottle looks nice or it promises to make you look 10 years younger in 14 days? And then how many of you use it once and throw it away because it made your skin react?

I have so many clients who have come in for a facial consultation, suffering from acne or rosacea, trying to cope with hormonal skin due to pregnancy or menopause or just wanting to get started on an anti-ageing regime. Clients are willing to pay a reasonable amount of money for facial treatments, but when I ask “and what products do you use?”, they tell me soap and water, or even better, nothing or the classic, ”I’m fine with the products I use, used them for years and I don’t want to change now”…. really! Look at it from where I’m sitting, you have come to me for my professional help with whatever problem or need you have for your skin. I will probably treat you once a month, 12 times a year. I have the products, the treatments, the technology and 25 years of experience to help you but if you go home and carry on with the same regime as you always have, it’s just not going to work. With the right products you can treat yourself at home 365 days a year. So my thoughts as I put together the online store:

1 That the store is not going to overwhelm you

2 We are here to give you the advice you need to help you

3 We can offer the clinical treatments that will best suit you

To get our store started we are launching with the product lines we use in the salon.


I brought Epionce into the salon in 2011. I was looking for a range of skin products and clinical treatments that were simple to use but gave amazing results. Epionce is that product. The range is small but each product does exactly what it says it does.

I was impressed that Dr Carl Thornfeldt, a clinical dermatologist, was more interested in clinical trials, having facts that show his products work. No fancy packaging, no multi-million dollar ad campaign, just all about achieving healthy skin. Epionce is a high grade medical product.

* Salon treatments with Epionce

* Epionce Lite Refresh Peel

* Epionce Corrective Peel System

Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear was Founded by Sharon Hilditch, MBE in 1995 and quickly became recognised in the industry for being the Market Leader in Microdermabrasion. They have since extensively grown their treatment and skincare menu and are loved by thousands of Salons, Spas & Skincare lovers worldwide.

We have worked with Crystal Clear since 2006 and I’m sure like us, all salons that partner with Crystal Clear have a cult following.

* Salon treatments with Crystal Clear

* Microdermabrasion

* Oxygen Therapy

* Frozen Facial

* H2 Glow


CACI International has revolutionised the beauty industry since its beginning in 1992, providing leading-edge technology and maintaining an incomparable reputation for excellence and innovation.

CACI, the original Non Surgical FaceLift treatment.

* Salon treatments with CACI Synergy

* Rejuvenation and Lift Deluxe Lift Facial

* Deluxe Lift Facial

* Jowl Lift

* Eye Revive

* Hydratone Facial

* Wrinkle Revolution

* Lip Treatment

I am in the process of sourcing new products to bring to our online store and hope to share them with you very soon.

My ethos for the salon has always been, I will never bring gimmicks in, I will only use products and treatments which deliver the results and we will always be honest and professional - MY ETHOS FOR THE ONLINE STORE STANDS THE SAME.

Well, I’ve really enjoyed doing my very first blog, I have no idea if anyone will read it or if Im just talking to myself! If you would like to leave a comment below that would be great or just a hello would also be nice.

Take care and keep safe.

Sue x

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