Crystal Clear Soothing Cleansing Gel 400ml

Crystal Clear Soothing Cleansing Gel 400ml



The Vitamin Packed Soothing Cleanser...

  • Description

    What it is: A soap-free, vitamin packed foaming cleanser with an extremely mild formulation, perfect for problematic and oily skin. Targets Dry and Damaged skin with a perfectly balanced hybrid formulation to protect, hydrate, boost natural hydration levels.

    Why you’ll love it: Perfect for those who suffer with sensitive skin, lack of hydration or excess skin redness & acne prone skin or flushing. This firm favourite is used in our professional ‘in-clinic’ treatments across the globe and is used by thousands of Soothing Cleanse lovers at home! 

  • Ingredients

    • Polycol Moisturising Complex – Limits loss of Cell Hydration
    • Cucumber Extract – Moisturises, Soothes and Protects
    • Vitamin C – Softening, Soothing and Hydrating
    • Mineral Salts and Amino Acids – Revitalising & Rebalances
  • How To

    Apply a small amount of the cleanser onto your fingertips and work to a foaming lather with warm water. Gently massage onto your face. Rinse thoroughly and dry the skin.

    Professional Tip – For a super cleanse why not apply with our Ionic Sonic Deep Cleansing Brush for a true professional salon cleanse.