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Spring Is In The Air

I feel like Im slowly coming out of hibernation and returning to the land of the living!  I find that the shorter days and less daylight doesn’t suit me. So if you’re like me, and find that you have to drag yourself through winter, hold on in there, spring is here.

Spring is a great time to focus on self-care and well-being. Here are a few suggestions for some self-care:

Nature Walks: Take advantage of the improving weather by going for mindful walks in nature. Spend time in a nearby park or nature reserve, paying attention to the sights, sounds, and smells around you.

Spring Cleaning: Declutter and organise your living space. A clean and organised environment can have a positive impact on your mental well-being.

Journalling: Dedicate time each day to journaling. Reflect on your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Consider keeping a gratitude journal to focus on the positive aspects of your life.

Mindful Eating: Practice mindful eating by savouring each bite and paying attention to the flavours and textures of your food. Consider incorporating more fresh fruits and vegetables into your meals.

Digital Detox Day: Designate a day to unplug from digital devices. Turn off your phone, avoid social media, and spend the day engaging in activities that don't involve screens.

DIY Spa Day: Treat yourself to a spa day at home. Run a warm bath, use your favourite skincare products, and indulge in self-care rituals like face masks and body scrubs.

Yoga or Meditation Retreat: Consider dedicating a weekend or a day to a mini yoga or meditation retreat. Practice mindfulness and relaxation techniques to reset and rejuvenate.

Social Connection: Prioritise social connections by spending quality time with loved ones. This could be through virtual meet-ups, phone calls, or in-person gatherings, depending on your circumstances.

Reading Challenge: Set a goal to read a certain number of books throughout the month. Choose books that bring you joy, inspiration, or knowledge. .

Gratitude Ritual: Start or end each day by expressing gratitude. Focus on the positive aspects of your life and acknowledge the things you are thankful for.

Hydration Focus: Pay extra attention to your hydration. Ensure you're drinking enough water throughout the day to support your overall well-being.

Remember that self-care is a personal journey, and it's important to tailor practices to suit your preferences and needs. Consistently incorporating these self-care practices into your routine can contribute to improved well-being and a sense of balance.

Spring Skincare Refresh - Blossoming Glow!

Evaluate Your Skin's Needs: Begin by assessing your skin's condition. Note any dryness, redness, or sensitivity that may have resulted from the winter weather.

Switch to a Lighter Cleanser: As temperatures rise, consider using a lighter, gentler cleanser. Gel-based or foaming cleansers can help remove impurities without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate: Maintain hydration by using a lightweight, hydrating moisturiser. Look for formulations with ingredients like hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture without feeling heavy on the skin.

Sunscreen is Non-Negotiable: Sunscreen is a year-round essential, but it's especially important as the sun becomes more intense in spring. Opt for a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher and apply it every morning, even on cloudy days.

Adjust Your Serums: Consider switching from heavy serums to lighter formulations. Vitamin C serums can be beneficial for brightening the skin and protecting against environmental damage.

Add Antioxidants: Introduce antioxidant-rich products to your routine. Antioxidants help combat free radicals and protect the skin from environmental stressors. Look for ingredients like vitamin E and green tea extract.

Treatments for Allergies or Sensitivities: Spring allergies can exacerbate skin sensitivities. If you suffer from allergies, consider using soothing skincare products and avoid harsh ingredients that might irritate the skin.

Stay Hydrated Internally: Hydration is not only about external care. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated from the inside out. Herbal teas and infused water with cucumber or mint are refreshing choices.

Protect Your Lips: Don't forget to care for your lips. Use a hydrating lip balm with SPF to shield them from the sun and prevent dryness.

Eye Care: Continue using an eye cream, especially if you've been dealing with dry or tired eyes. Look for formulations with hydrating ingredients to address puffiness and dark circles.

Reassess Makeup Products: Consider lighter makeup formulations for spring. Swap heavy foundations for tinted moisturisers or BB creams. Opt for waterproof options if you anticipate sweating.

Stay Consistent: Consistency is key. Stick to your skincare routine to see optimal results. It may take a few weeks for your skin to adjust to the changes.

Professional Skin Consultation: Consider scheduling a consultation in the salon to address specific concerns and receive personalised recommendations for your spring skincare routine.

Recommended Treatments To Refresh Your Skin;

FaceWorks: The Ultimate Facial

This is the Ultimate Facial for those that are serious about achieving Rejuvenated, Healthy, Glowing skin. The treatment consists of:

IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Intense Pulsed Light to help eliminate redness and pigmentation, while boosting collagen production, working on reducing fine line.

Skin Peel

Immediate improvement in skin clarity and radiance, plus reduces dullness and sallowness.

Mesotherapy Skin Booster

This high performance treatment provides a large dose of hyaluronic acid and two growth factors that boost the skins natural functions and increase collagen an elastin levels, improving skin hydration, volume and structure.


Epionce Lite Refresh Peel and Microdermabrasion

The Lite Fresh Peel can be successfully combined with Microdermabrasion for an enhanced exfoliating skin make over. Dull, dead skin cells will be removed to reveal a lighter brighter, radiant complexion. Your therapist will advise you suitability for your skin type.


Sue and Rea are offering a discount on all the above treatments, the discount code will be sent out to our website members tomorrow.

To become a member, visit HERE

Salon News

At Salon 112 we are big believers that you can never have too much training and there’s always more to learn. This month Louise went off to Liverpool to train with the amazing Kate at The Brow Club. It’s always exciting to see different techniques and ways to improve treatments.

Your brows are one of the most important features on your face. They can help to frame your face, emphasise your eyes, and make a big impact to your overall look.So if you’ve been neglecting your brows, book in and start giving them the attention they deserve.

Signature Brow Treatment

Everything you need to get your brows looking amazing, we will, restyle and reshape, map and design, wax, thread and tweeze, colour and trim , finishing your look with brow lamination giving you that brushed up brow look.


Add On Eyelash Lift and Tint - LVL


Louise is offering a discount on all the above treatments, the discount code will be sent out to our website members tomorrow.

and last but not least….

This month we are celebrating International Woman’s Month.

The Theme for 2024 is “Invest In Women - Accelerate Progress”. A call to corporations and governments around the world to address alarming gender inequalities that remains one of the greatest human rights challenges.

International Woman’s Day 2024

Inspire and Inclusion

When we inspire others to understand and value woman’s inclusion, we forge a better world.

And when woman themselves are inspired and included, there is a sense of belonging, relevance, and empowerment.

Mother’s Day

The fate of a Mother is to wait for her children. You wait for them when you’re pregnant. You wait for them when they get out of school. You wait for them to get home after a night out. You wait for them when they start their own lives. You wait for them to get home from work to a nice dinner. You wait for them with love, with anxiety and sometimes with anger that passes immediately when you see them and you can hug them.

Make sure your old Mum doesn’t have to wait any longer. Visit her, love her, hug the one who loved you like no other ever will. Don’t make her wait, she’s expecting this from you. Because the membranes get old but the heart of a Mother never gets old. Love her as you can. No person will love you like your Mother will.

To all our beautiful Mummies,

Enjoy your day x

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